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For The Love of Floral

The process of bringing a new floral pattern to life is wonderful. Honestly, it’s the most favorite part of my work!

My love of floral patterns has been shaped by many influences in my life, but one in particular stands out. I grew up with D. Porthault linens and towels as a child. My grandmother was a great friend of Madame Porthault and the first to bring her creations to America for sale.

As a young woman, I waited in line outside the Porthault brownstone in Manhattan every time they had a sale, hoping to find something in my meager budget. You might say I was obsessed, but so were many other girls. How could you not be with the gorgeous floral patterns they sold? It remains the gold standard for me, and I have tremendous respect for everything they do.

As I began to visualize my own floral patterns, I knew I wanted to have a distinct look and feel. That’s why each pattern begins with evoking emotion. I first need to pinpoint: What is the feeling I want to experience while I’m wearing this?

Each and every floral print has been carefully crafted to radiate joy, elegance, and style.

- Heidi Carey

Color and arrangement are key to setting a dreamy mood. Knowing if I’ll be printing with hand-carved blocks or silkscreen influences how detailed of an impressionist I can be. I’ve been blessed with many talented partners to help me, and I work very closely with an artist in Europe to help me bring my designs to life. We collaborate over many months to get everything just right before showing it to my manufacturing partners. They will often have insights we did not see in the initial design, so then we go back and make changes. Once the print meets the fabric, then things really get magical! Whether blooming on a cozy robe, deliciously soft pajamas, or vibrant table linens – each and every floral print has been carefully crafted to radiate joy, elegance, and style.

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